President, Wilarvi Communications, Inc.

Perhaps the best way to start this introduction of myself is with a mission statement that describes the philosophy of my work as a coach and mentor to executives and to the founders and board members of companies:

Mission Statement

Pablo Casals, Spanish cellist and conductor, said:

"Each person has inside a basic decency and goodness. If he listens to it and acts on it, he is giving a great deal of what it is the world needs most. It is not complicated but it takes courage ... to listen to his own goodness."

I perceive that my job as an executive coach is to find a way to impart to my clients the courage that Casals describes, even as I help build their skills in management and leadership. Goodness and kindness must not be overlooked when measuring success. Business and leadership skills without goodness produce an empty life and also result in worthless leadership; as a coach, my goal is to integrate humanity with productivity.

My studies and experience in the field of psychology have led me to focus my work and interests these days primarily on communications, management and strategic consulting, lecturing, speech writing and media coaching. The majority of the people who use my talents are corporate leaders, and political leaders. For over 21 years I've provided seminars and one-to-one training on a wide range of subjects in the areas of leadership, sales, strategy, customer support, service and satisfaction, problem-solving, communications for managers and trainers, public speaking, and leadership development.

In addition, my work includes the writing of speeches for corporate executives and political leaders. And frequently I'm asked to follow through in building the effectiveness of the delivery with presentation coaching and style polishing - a specialty of mine.

Coaching for press and media sessions includes preparing a client for the all-important technique of handling Q&A in ways that built media relations for the long term and also get the most beneficial messages articulated. These days I find it all important to teach technical and cerebral people how to speak in sound bites. With so much media coverage, I'm asked more and more frequently to polish audio and video presentation styles, and teleconferencing skills.

Some of my most exciting projects come at times when there's a corporate emergency need for damage control - when something is negatively impacting the corporate image or when the business strategies have not valued the customer carefully enough and the feedback is less than positive. Prevention is still better than a rush for damage control but responding to reality is part of my everyday list of things to do.

Negotiating skills, collaborative management methods, customer asset management, collaborative team building, mediation training for managers, managing change, merger management and other interpersonal courses that build productive relationships are among those seminars I've given in the past year. It seems that I have built quite a large following of people who admire the quality of my work; my clients recommend me to others who have given up on the cloned consultants and ineffective courses.

I've always enjoyed business and thank my lucky stars for the university training that led to my degrees in marketing and merchandising. I believe that my strong business, sales, and strategic skills are recognized and appreciated by the pragmatic people I deal with, and I'm proud of the fact that I can combine them with my people skills. Any company is best supported by a balance between business and people; neither management nor consultants can wear blinders to one another.

I'm proud of my many long-held clients who express solid confidence in my work and generously recommend me. Some of these clients in the US:

ABC & CBS Networks Live World Productions
Advanced Micro Devices Make Technologies
Amdahl Mervyns
AMD Miller/Kadanoff Direct & Interactive Advertising
Apple Computer National Semiconductor
Bay Networks Netigy
Data Quest Netscape
EDS NetFrame
Exponential Oracle
Rockwell International SafeSkin
Chiron Labs Seagrams
Cisco Systems Sun Microsystems
Hewlett Packard Sunsoft
Hitachi Data Systems Taligent
InfoWorld Total Entertainment Network
Intelliquest DeVry University
Java VeriFone
Landor VLSI
as well as the U.S. government, political leaders, and network newscasters

In England my accounts have included:

Harvey Nichols Retail Organization Members of Parliament
Burton Group Mayor of Westminster (London)

One of the main reasons for my methods attracting such a strong following is that I prefer to emphasize the need for polishing and packaging an individual's strengths and style. I see no benefit in demanding cookie-cutter personality changes or trying to force a standard management style on someone for whom it's not a good fit. Success for me is measured in terms of increasing the individual strengths and style.

I also deal in practical skills -- ones that can immediately be put into effective use. My approach -- in both group and one-on-one sessions -- merges the business proposition, technology, and the human factors in ways that are productive, measurable and fast. Many people don't know that I like to highlight my schedule with appearances as a guest speaker and have been listed as one of the top 25 speakers in the U.S. My "Simon Says" audiocassette courses on inter-personal problem-solving techniques have been international best sellers for over 15 years.

Here are two comments made recently about my contribution as a coach/mentor:

"You have much more decency and goodness than most. And as you coach people you instinctively bring their decency and courage out. I think as a coach your real job and value is the way that you get people to focus on their strengths, downplay their weaknesses and most of all give them confidence to use their gut instincts. You also bring discipline to people and insure that they are prepared for their ‘moment in the spot light.’ You have a broad experience and that allows you to teach people more effectively than I’ve ever seen before. That is a fine skill but it does not compare to the confidence that you leave with people in themselves after you work with them."

– Gary Moore, CEO of Netigy

"I gained much from your life experience wisdom; the way you are able to relate your experiences to your client's situation enables them to see things from a much different perspective and a provides a great deal of clarity. It is a rare gift.

"You are incredibly intuitive and your insights get to the heart of the matter. Some of the insights you provided me took my breadth away and I recount them to this day."

– Tom Osborne, Sr. VP sales and marketing, BRIO Technologies